Benefits Administration

In addition to designing affordable yet attractive benefit plans for your organization, VertiSource HR specializes in administering benefit plans. By having VSHR manage some or all of your benefits administration, we will reduce your paperwork and save your organization valuable time and effort. Let us do the unpleasant work of benefits administration for you.

VSHR Benefits Administration Service includes:

General Benefit Administration

  • Audit for ERISA Compliance
  • Review design and redesign plan(s) as appropriate
  • Design benefit information brochures and/or packets
  • Provide new employee orientation
  • Provide open enrollment information
  • Provide open enrollment presentations
  • Broker new plan providers
  • Draft cost of benefits information for dissemination to management and employees

125a Plan Administration

  • Audit for Compliance
  • Review design and enhance as appropriate
  • Audit against payroll for accuracy
  • Administer Medical Reimbursement plan
  • Administer Dependent Care Reimbursement plan
  • Administer HSA Plan

COBRA Administration

  • Send out initial COBRA Notices and document
  • Track terminations and send COBRA notices
  • Provide COBRA information
  • Accept COBRA enrollment and set up payment processing with accounting staff
  • Initiate COBRA tracking
  • Track COBRA enrollment with plan providers
  • Administer COBRA open enrollment
  • Send out 60-day COBRA notices prior to end of entitlement period
  • Reconcile COBRA against benefit enrollment
  • Monitor past due payments and initiate responses as appropriate
  • Terminate COBRA participants as appropriate
  • Provide monthly COBRA reports to HR and Accounting

Administer benefit enrollment changes for qualifying events

  • Review all requests for enrollment changes
  • Document qualifying events
  • Update enrollment with plan providers as appropriate
  • Update payroll with enrollment changes
  • Sent initial COBRA notice as appropriate

Claims Administration

  • Accept all claims from employees
  • Review claims against plan
  • File claims with plan providers as appropriate
  • Follow-up with employees
  • Maintain claims log