Performance Management Training

VertiSource HR’s team of professionals, customize performance management solutions which helps organizations maximize employee productivity while simultaneously improving employee loyalty and morale. Good employees appreciate having clear expectations, and achievable goals. Our solutions provide:

  • Planning, alignment and goal setting
  • Monitoring performance
  • Developing and improving the capacity to perform
  • Rating performance on a periodic basis
  • Rewarding good performance.

Let VSHR provide you with a customized proposal to implement a performance management plan for your organization.

VertiSource HR Services includes: Strategic Goal Setting

  • Facilitate strategic goal setting meetings with executive management
  • Assist management with development of strategic plan
  • Review existing strategic plan
  • Identify annual business goals
  • Evaluate annual business goal measurement
  • Formulate enhanced measurement process as appropriate
  • Assign accountability to annual goals as appropriate
  • Identify sub-goals by department
  • Facilitate strategic goal setting meetings with department heads
  • Assign accountability to sub-goals
  • Identify tasks and activities necessary to achieve sub-goals
  • Formulate sub-goal evaluation methods
  • Compile management strategic goal files/notebooks

Employee Goal Setting

  • Facilitate team goal setting meetings
  • Align employee goals with business goals
  • Formulate employee development goals
  • Draft employee goal sheets
  • Review and/or draft position descriptions
  • Compile employee strategic goal file/notebook

Review and/or Evaluations

  • Establish dashboard indicators
  • Draft quarterly assessment plan
  • Design quarterly assessment plan evaluation form
  • Design employee quarterly assessment evaluation form
  • Design annual assessment plan evaluation form
  • Design employee annual assessment evaluation form
  • Train managers and supervisors on evaluation best practices
  • Formulate metrics for tracking business performance
  • Formulate metrics for tracking employee performance
  • Facilitate team and general employee meetings

Corrective Action

  • Design performance improvement plan
  • Implement performance improvement plan process
  • Design performance improvement plan form
  • Customize performance improvement plan reporting
  • Train managers on performance improvement & monitoring
  • Monitor performance improvement plans through correction or termination

Recognition and Rewards

  • Pay for Performance Plans
  • Incentive Plans
  • Employee Recognition Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans