Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with state and federal employment law is a frustrating and never-ending cycle. Organizations must continually audit, resolve issues and train both managers and employees to stay in compliance with the law to limit employment-related liability. VertiSource HR is the strategic partner you need to eliminate all the frustrations and headaches in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance.

VertiSource HR custom designs, regulatory compliance services for employers which includes:

  • Initial audit of HR policies, procedures, processes and records for compliance
  • Annual compliance audits
  • Compliance training for HR & Payroll
  • Compliance training for managers and supervisors
  • Identify areas of potential liability and provide cost/benefit analysis for correction
  • Risk Management analysis
  • Risk Management plans
  • Safety Compliance
  • Employment Attorney Referrals
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • FMLA Compliance
  • Assistance with employee claims investigations and resolutions
  • Review Collective Bargaining Agreements and formulate compliance strategies
  • Claims and Litigation tracking and management
  • Review outside audit findings and orders to correct
  • Draft compliance/correction strategies and implement correction plans
  • Assist with claims responses to outside agencies
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance

VSHR also assists companies with all regulations regarding the management and administration of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) including and most especially, effective return to work programs:

General Administration

  • Audit policies and procedures for compliance
  • Draft compliant policies and procedures
  • Design FMLA plans/processes
  • Draft FMLA forms
  • Administer FMLA eligibility process
  • Administer and track FMLA claims
  • Return to work plans
  • Manager Training
  • Monitor FMLA notices and notice requirements
  • Process and resolve appeals
  • Physician coordination
  • HIPAA compliance

FMLA Metrics

  • Administration costs
  • Days lost to FMLA
  • Cost of FMLA leave by position, department, global
  • Claims filed to claims granted
  • Average leave time
  • FMLA categories/reasons
  • FMLA leaves including maternity

VSHR also provides a full suite of services to assist organizations that require compliance with HIPAA:

  • Audit policies and procedures for compliance
  • Design HIPAA Plan
  • Draft HIPAA policies and procedures
  • Review FMLA policies and procedures for HIPAA compliance
  • Review Attendance policies and procedures for HIPAA compliance
  • Review pre-employment physical policies and procedures for HIPAA compliance
  • Review Workers’ Comp policies and procedures for HIPAA compliance
  • Review Safety policies and procedure for HIPAA compliance
  • Correct policies and procedures for HIPAA compliance where required
  • Train managers on HIPAA