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Did you know your company culture has a significant correlation on safety and number of recordable incidents? Implementing a strong safety culture increases performance, productivity and profitability.

What does your company culture look like? How much emphasis is placed on raising safety awareness? Do you have weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual safety meetings and if so, are you consistent? And most importantly, does your leadership follow by example?

Here at VertisourceHR, we care about your people’s safety and business performance. How do we build a sustainable solution for your organization? The DuPont Bradley Curve has been proven to be effective and successful across many organizations. The goal is to develop an interdependent culture promoting employees to be engaged with pride in their own safety as well as their team members.

So what is The DuPont Bradly Curve? It demonstrates the relative culture strength with the number of recordable incidents and shows progressive maturity of safety cultures mind-set and behaviors. It provides a way to give your employees proper safety training while keeping them engaged, entertained, and interested.   

The DuPont Bradley Curve can be implemented in any industry. Let’s use an office environment as an example; practice safe stretches at the beginning of each shift, deliver informative materials such as the 20-20-20 rule to reduce eye strain from our computers, assign and rotate safety topics to engage your team during safety meetings, share near misses with the group and discuss preventative action plans.

Improving an organization’s culture takes time and effort. Begin by evaluating where you are, identify the opportunities and start by “taking a step to the right”. Let’s take your company from a reactive, dependent, or independent to an interdependent safety culture.

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By Amy Walker, HR Generalist

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