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Expiring I-9 Forms
The I-9 form we've been using for the past few years was marked to expire today!  Don't fret though, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is working on their new form which is set to be released sometime late April or early May.  As soon as it is available we'll be sure to update you all.
If you'd like a refresher on I-9s and how to fill one out, the USCIS made a playlist of YouTube videos that teaches you about each section.  Very social-media-savvy of you, USCIS!
Minimum Wage News
Minimum wage laws are constantly changing and some are even shocking (eh em...California you know that's you).  But Oregon is not to be outdone by setting a national precedent with it's plan to increase minimum wagealllll the way to 2022 based on region.  Increases will begin this summer bringing the minimum wage up to $9.75 in urban and mid-sized counties and $9.50 for those in rural areas. 
It shouldn't be a shock but California also is continuing to increase the minimum wage (again) next January, to $10.50/hr with gradual increases year-over-year to $15.00 per hour ($.50 in 2018 and $1-per-year increases through 2022).  Small business with less-than 25 employees will be given one year to comply putting them behind the yearly increases. 
New York
To balance out the West Coast's minimum wage hike, New York is planning on doing the same increasing its' minimum wage to $15 gradually over the years.
With all this minimum wage news happening, don't worry about remembering when these changes are taking affect...our HR team will notify you.
That's all the news we have for this week!  Stay tuned next week for more updates.
If you have any questions for our HR team regarding these or other matters, please feel free to reach out to us at

By LeiLani Quiray, SPHR/Director of HR

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